Wind turbines can work in harmony with traditional agricultural or commercial practices to enhance productivity, reduce carbon footprint and improve the positive environmental contributions of the business.

Our in-house team are committed to providing renewable energy developments to the highest of standards, whilst allowing for seamless integration with your current business activities.

In order for a wind development to be successful it is essential that the scale and location are appropriate. Using our industry experience we are able to identify and select potential wind sites which we believe have the chance of becoming a reality. We are always looking for new opportunities, so if as a farmer, landowner or agent you feel you may have a suitable site, or perhaps just want to establish the potential of your holding then please contact us now on or through our contact page.

We offer very competitive commercial terms linked to either the capacity of the installation or the gross revenues generated by the project.

Wind rents offer landowners the chance to diversify their business incomes and benefit from a reliable, predictable and secure RPI linked income. This can provide an opportunity to support the viability of existing operations or fund further investment.

Our developments are offered at no cost to the landowner from either the development or operation of the wind farm. All we require is the land for the development and the commitment to assist us through the development process.