In order for a project to be successful it is essential that the proposed development is of an appropriate size and based in a suitable location.

We have extensive experience of identifying and selecting potential solar sites and are always looking for new opportunities. If as a farmer or landowner you feel that you may have a suitable site or just want to establish the potential viability of your land please contact us on or through our contact page. We will be able to identify whether your site is viable or not quickly and efficiently.

All our projects are based on the standard landlord-tenant relationship and we can offer commercial rents based on either acreage or linked to the gross revenues generated by the solar park.

Solar rents offer landowners the opportunity to diversify their commercial activities by adding a reliable, highly secure and predictable long term income, rising with inflation which can support the viability of, or investment in, other operations.

Our developments are made at no cost to the landowner for either the development or operation of the solar park. The only investment required is the land and the commitment to assist us through the development process. 

  • Do you have power lines running through your land?
  • Do you have a substation on your land?
  • Do you use a lot of energy through your business/farming practices?
  • Do you like the idea of long term income?

If you wish to find out more, or to have your land assessed free of charge (on a no obligation basis), please contact us.


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