Inazin is proud to be a leader in UK renewable energy development. We use the sun and wind to make our energy mix lower carbon, lower cost, secure, indigenous and renewable.

Inazin Power was established in 2010 with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the UK’s energy mix. It was this core value that has motivated us to develop our sites to the highest possible standard and as a consequence Inazin has become a leading developer in large scale solar. We also have a rapidly growing portfolio of wind and commercial rooftop projects.

Our team of highly skilled professionals and renewable specialists have successfully developed over 200MW of PV with many more currently in planning or the late stages of development.

We pride ourselves on our industry leading in-house capabilities in all aspects of solar and wind development including site-finding, planning, legal, design, grid connection, project management and finance. This offers our clients the real benefit of continuity as all areas of the development will be carried out by us, allowing for one point of contact to be maintained throughout the project lifecycle.

Our solar projects range in size up to 38MW and are designed to provide the highest potential value for our clients and landlords whilst maintaining harmony between the natural landscape, farming practices and the newly operating site.

We have access to substantial sources of finance for our renewable projects through our funding partners, Low Carbon. Our affiliation with Low Carbon provides us with the funding required to act quickly, efficiently and have the stability to cope with a constantly changing industry.

All of these attributes allow Inazin to consistently develop renewable projects in an efficient manner, within budget and to the highest standards.


Our industry leading in-house teams allow for all aspects of the development to be carried out quickly and efficiently including site-finding, planning, legal, design, grid connection, project management and finance.


We work with some of the best specialist contractors in the business who help us to construct our developments in the shortest period of time, to the highest possible standards.


With Low Carbon as our funding partners, Inazin has access to substantial sources of finance to fund the development of a large portfolio of renewable technologies throughout the UK.